Get a sick note for work

If your illness has made you miss 7 or less days off work the GP will not issue you a sick note as advised by the Government. You can self-certify by completing a self-certification (SC2) form which is available from your employer or on the HMRC website. If your employer requires evidence for a shorter illness a fee may be charged for a non-NHS funded letter from the Doctor. 

If you have missed work for more than 7 days a GP can issue you a sick note, if they are satisfied that your condition deems you unfit for work. Please contact the GP surgery as you normally would for a routine appointment as it may be necessary to arrange to discuss your request with a GP.

We do not offer fit to work notes after issuing a sick note. If you are feeling better, then you should tell your employer you would like to return to work. If your employer policy states that one is needed there will be a charge for a private letter/they will have to arrange a private Occupational health review.

Can I get a sick note for my child as they have missed school?

We do not offer sick notes for children. If they have had a short illness such as a cough or cold, the parents should be able to self-certify this with the school. You can show the school the text message appointment confirming the GP appointment if they ask for proof. This policy also applies to exams which were missed due to illness.

If your child has a long-term health condition, certification will be provided by the responsible specialist.